Common Methods To Care For Your Silk Carpets

Silk carpets are one of the best carpets and no matter they are an identity of richness. It also changes the entire look of your home. They come in various colors and you can even create a contrast with your home furniture. These carpets are a top choice for your drawing room and at your eating place. Apart from this, you can use this for décor. They look perfect on the walls and enhance the beauty of your home. Mostly these are used in modern houses. So, if you have finally decided that you are buying silk carpets you have to care about your investment.

Here are a few methods to keep your silk carpet maintained for a longer time is:

  • Place in fewer traffic areas and remove liquid 

If you want to improve the duration of your silk carpet then you have to keep in mind that not to keep where silk carpet comes in the contact with more people. There is no doubt that silk stays long-lasting but is very sensitive. Also, keep your silk carpets away from the straight sunlight because it can fade the colors and can also damage the carpets. Moreover, if your carpet is wet then just clean that area with the help of a white cloth because it will absorb the liquid. So, this is the best silk carpet cleaning method to save your carpet.

  • Clean on the regular basis

Cleaning your silk carpet regularly is one of the important parts. You can clean the silk carpet dust with the help of a soft brush everyday dusting is not just enough. You have to vacuum your silk carpet no less than once or twice a week to put stop the gathering of dirt and debris because this is one of the professional carpet cleaning techniques that you can use at your home. While cleaning the silk carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner then you must keep in mind that don’t use the brush roll because simply it will spoil the quality of the carpet. Also, when you clean the carpet with the vacuum then do not put extra force on the carpet. 

  • Do not make use of hard things on the silk carpet

If you find stains on your silk carpet then do not ignore them, wash it immediately with lukewarm water to avoid the stains permanently. If you use hot water then it will shrink your silk carpet. Make sure that you don’t use harsh cleaners because it will affect the color of your silk carpet.

  • Use soda to remove colored stains

If you are observing the colored stains on the silk carpet then you can use the soda on the cloth to clean the spots. Make sure that you have to use a dry towel so that you can soak up the extra soda. This is the affordable carpet cleaning method that you can try at home.


You can try all the techniques that are mentioned above but if you still find them not useful then you can call the professionals and they will clean your silk carpet with the best methods.